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Shri Srinivasa Nigamagama Pathashala

Shri Srinivasa Nigamagama Pathashala is a Veda Pathashala owned and managed by Shree Kashi Math Samsthan. This is the only institution, under the direct supervision of HH Swamijis’ of Shree Samsthan, which offers a three-year course of Vedic education.

The Pathshala is located in a serene location housing the Pushkarini of Sri Venkataramana Temple, Carstreet-Mangalore. It is also surrounded by Shri Mahamaya, Lord Vithoba, Shri Krishna and Sharavu Mahaganapathi temples.

Considering the increasing interest in Vedic learning in our GSB Samaj, H.H Shrimath Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji, Mathadhipathi of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan felt the need to have a Veda Pathashala meant to serve the purpose.

In the year 1971, Swamiji took over the administration of Shri Srinivas Nigamagam Pathashala, practising the age old Gurukula System. This unique institution has been imparting traditional education of high standards to its inmate students. The education is free to all students. All the interested students can join the Pathashala after completing 10th Standard (or equivalent) of normal schooling. It is well known for excellent facilities, good environment and the able Gurus under whose teaching and guidance our society has prospered all these years.

Pathashala was renovated completely and inaugurated by H.H Shrimath Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji on 9th May 2006.

Till date, Sri Srinivas Nigamagam Pathashala has published more than 30 educational dharmic books in the Devanagari Script which have been authored by the Principal of the Pathashala, in the name Granthamala, all of which were by inaugurated Sri Swamiji.

The Faculty

Pandit Shri Shringeri Sudakar Bhat (Principal)
Pandit Sri Sunil Bhat
Pandit Shri Haradi Yogish Bhat
Shri Vasudeva Prabhu
Shri Janardhan Bhat
Shri Gururaj Upadhaya
Shri Hariprasad Bhandarkar

Subjects Taught:

  • Rik-Samhitha
  • Brihat-Mantra Samhitha
  • Yajurveda
  • Upanishad
  • Brihma Sutra
  • Dwadhaja Stotra
  • Gita
  • Sapthashashti
  • Sahasranamas
  • Jithanthe Stotra
  • Vayu Stuthi

Along with Deva Pooja, Sandhya Vandana, students also learn

  • Prayogas
  • Sthapan Vidhi
  • Aparakarma Shanti
  • Shodasha Samskaras
  • Jyothisya Muhoorta
  • Madhavi
  • Brihat Jathaka

About Sanskrit language and literature, the students are taught

  • Thrikanda
  • Amara-Shabda-Dhatu
  • Kavya-Chempoo-Tharaka
  • Dasha Prakarana on Madhwa Philosophy.

Not only the regular Pandits, but visiting scholars also impart knowledge to the students. All students are taught Trikaal Pooja, Parva Pooja and observe Vyasopasana every Thursday.

The study course is for three years where in 9 Exams are conducted (one in every quarter) and annual exams at the end of the year. The first eight exams are conducted by the regular Pandits of the Pathashala, while the 9th is conducted by a guest Vaidik.

The titles (1)Purohita Ratna, (2) Purohitha and (3) Archaka are bestowed upon successful students and are awarded certificates given with the Hastakshar (signature) of HH Swamiji.

Other Activities

On auspicious occasions students do Veda Parayanam in the temple (Invited to), poojas and Parayanam on the days of Chathurmas.

The GSB temple administrations all over India give due weightage to the certificate issued by the institution while appointing the priests.


The society should give wide publicity to the activities conducted to reach the higher goal.
Samaj Bhandavs are encouraged to willing donate donate in cash or may also donate items fulfilling the daily needs of the students and be a part of Sri Hari Guru Kripa.
It is being stressed again that this institution should not be misunderstood as an institution offering Vedic Education to the poor.

In the service of society

The institution is also helping the general public who would like to learn ‘Sandhya Vandana’ and ‘Deva Pooja’. There are classes provided in Sanskrit language also. Teaching Bhajans, Computer, Sanskrit and other communicative languages, etc, have also been introduced. The institution encourages self study and to bring professionalism in learnings.

For Further Details Contact:
Vidwan Shri Shringeri Sudakar Bhat (Principal)
Shri Srinivasa Nigamagama Pathashala,
Tank Colony, V.T Road – Mangalore, (KA IN)

Ph: +91 824-2493492
+91 9449316507 (M)

Admission Form English
Admission Form Kannada

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