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H.H Shrimath Vibhudendra Thirtha Swamiji

H.H Shrimath Vibhudendra Thirtha Swamiji

Shrimath Vibhudendra Thirtha was the fourteenth Swamiji of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan. He was born on Thursday, Chaitra Shuddha Saptami of Shubhakritu Samvatsar (Sh. Sh. 1704) corresponding to 21st March, 1782. He was a great scholar in Sanskrit and it is reported that he had written many commentaries on Dualism. Unfortunately these are not available now.

It was in 1804 that Shrimathnanteswara Temple in Manjeshwara (Kerala) was renovated with the help of local and other devotees of the temple. At the same time Shri Bhadra Narasimha idol was installed in the temple by Shrimath Vibhudendra Thirtha.

H.H Shri Swamiji prescribed certain rules and regulations for the daily pujas and viniyogas to be conducted in the temple. These are. follwed even today.

While H.H Shri Swamiji was performing pujas of Lord Bhadra Narasimha, he used to place .the crown of Lord Veda Vyasa of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan. On such occasion, he could not remove the crown from the idol Lord Bhadra Narasimha after the puja. He interpreted this as the Lord’s wish to keep it there permanently by donating the crown to the temple. He had also donated a gold pendent to the temple. Further the 108 coins used for Kanakabhisheka of the Lord in the temple today are the ones given by H.H Shri Swamiji to the temple.

The Veera Venkatesha idol with a sword in the hand in Shri Venkataramana Temple, Mangalore, was installed by Shrimath Vibhudendra Thirtha Swamiji in Raktakshi Samvatsar, Sh. Sh. 1726 (1804). This idol was stated to have been brought by one wandering sanyasi, who had gifted it to the temple.

A Rahadari was issued on Sunday, 19th November 1820 in Banaras for the safe travel of H.H Shri Swamiji (Document No. 42) to the police department.

It states as follows:-

Vibhudendra Thirtha, shishya of Surendra Thirtha, has come here (Banaras) for pilgrimage. Now he is returning to South India. He has in his possession the under mentioned articles (and people). Nobody should obstruct or deny them the right to travel. The concerned people are hereby ordered to see that H.H Shri Swamiji and the party are safely taken to the boundaries of the respective areas of their jurisdiction. This order has to be rigorously followed:

2 Pallakis; 30 Brahmins; 22 Pallaki bearers; 17 other servants; 15 animals and 37 bundles of utensils etc.


  1. W. Brooke

A copy of this was deposited in the Court of I Class Magistrate, Kadur Division. This was returned to Shree Kashi Math on 26th March 1901.

H.H Shri Swamiji had initiated a vatu into sanyas and called him Shrimath Sumathindra Thirtha on Wednesday, Phalguna Shuddha Saptami of Bhava Samvatsar (Sh. Sh. 1736) corresponding to 15th March, 1815. Later when the Guru Swamiji was camping in Manjeshwara in 1834, the Shishya-Swamiji was in Kochi. H.H Shri Swamiji felt that his end was near and immediately sent for his Shishya Swamiji. However, due to the non-availability of suitable, rapid transport facilities, the Shishya-Swamiji could not come to Manjeshwara in time. In order to ensure the continuity of the pujas of the deities of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan, the Guru-Swamiji initiated one Abbayya (perhaps Bhat), a scholarly vaidika of the retinue of H.H Shri Swamiji and named him Shrimath Vasudendra Thirtha and attained Maha Samadhi on Magha Bahula Panchami of Vijaya Samvatsar, Sh. Sh. 1755 (Thursday, 27th February, 1834). His Vridavan is in Shree Kashi Math premises in Manjeshwara.

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