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H.H Shrimath Jnanendra Thirtha Swamiji

The eighth Swamiji of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan, Shrimath Jnanendra Thirtha used to stay in Vanarasi in the Math premises. A portion of the Math property in Vanarasi was in the custody of one Vaikunta Shastri for a long time and another portion was with one Ramesh Havaldar of Rajamandal. Attempts had been made to recover these portions back to Shree Samsthan even from the time of Shrimath Raghavendra Thirtha, the fifth Swamiji of Shree Samsthan. Finally, these portions were handed over to their rightful owners, the Swamijis of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan in 1746 as per the decree issued by Nawab Bahadur Mansur Ali Khan with the help of the king Balawanth Singh. This took place during the time of Shrimath Jnaneendra Thirtha Swamiji. Records of the correspondence that took place between H.H Shri Swamiji and Maharajadhiraja Sawai Eshwar Singhji, the king of Varanasi, are still available in the records of Shree Kashi Math. After taking possession of the recovered properties in Vanarasi, Shrimath Jnaneendra Thirtha Swamiji left for Kochi to bless the shishya varga residing there. However, when he was in nashik, his health deteriorated and he entered Maha Samadhi in this holy place. The exact year in which this happened is not known with certainty. This may be some time between 1746 and 1773. The Vrindavan of H.H Shri Swamiji is located in Nashik Shri Kashi Math.

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