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H.H Shrimath Devendra Thirtha Swamiji

 Shrimath Devendra Thirtha was the sixth Swamiji of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan. He had also travelled widely from Banaras to Kochi via Karnataka. H.H Shri Swamiji was given a sanad in 1734 (Rahadari, a letter of authority by which he got the right of travelling with paraphernalia in a particular kingdom) by the king Somashekhara Nayaka II (1714-1739) of Keladi. A summary of the said sanad (published by Shri Ananta Vaikunta Bhat in his Kannada book Satya Marga Darshana, 1973, p.lOl) is given below:

Somashekhara Nayaka of Keladi issued this sanad on Ashwina Shuddha Panchami of Anand Samvatsara (of Sh. Sh. 1656, i.e., Saturday, 21st September 1734) to the administrative officers and police officials of various regions (districts) of his kingdom. They were informed that H.H Shri Swamiji of the Kumbhakonam Math had presented Pallaki, Swetha Chhatra, Surepan, Dhavala Shankha, Talas etc. to H.H Shri Swamijis of Kashi Math of Konkanigas in the past and that he had authorised H.H Shri Swamijis to prescribe rules and regulations in their community. The sanad goes on to inform the officers that Devendra Thirtha of Shree Kashi Math was travelling in their kingdom with all the paraphernalia and that whenever he entered their administrative regions, they had to ensure the safety of H.H Shri Swamiji and his retinue and should see that they were not obstructed by anyone.

Shrimath Devendra Thirtha Swamiji had initiated a vatu into sanyasa and named him Shrimath Madhavendra Thirtha. The Guru-Swami and Shishya-Swami had travelled widely and they had participated in the renovation – consecration ceremony of the Kochi Tirumala Devaswom in 1719 (Sh. Sh. 1641).

It is not known with certainty as to the year in which Shrimath Devendra Thirtha Swamiji attained Maha Samadhi. However, it must have occurred sometime between 1734 and 1775. His Vrindavan is situated in Bantwal in South Kanara District in Shree Kashi Math premises.

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